Daily Haiku – 11.11.2013

I prick bros with pins
To watch them slowly deflate
Then pop their collars.

Nice crispy bacon
Crackling on the barbecue.
Firebomb the cops.

His lusting for life
Shouldn’t have been a problem
But life was engaged.

Her tiny high heels
Made her totter Giraffe-like
Through her enclosure.

My favourite blogs
Are all the old white people
Mourning the near past.


Daily Haiku – 10.11.2013

The turn of the Earth,
This galactic pirouette,
Spins out of control.

My thousands of guns,
Come in all shapes and sizes,
One for every look.

The giant pimple
At the centre of your chest
Pops, Oozing out love.

What you meant to say
Is that really I’m awesome
Between your sobbing.

The man made of milk
Was a lovely chap to meet
‘Til things turned sour.

Daily Haiku – 09.11.2013

The slippery filth
Of long sleepy Saturdays
Is hard to workround.

Every job listing
Should be more realistic.
“Wanted: Superman.”

I fucked Lucifer
With a giant spiked dildo
We then spooned, smiling.

Everything feels new.
All I can see are changes.
The cracks inside things.

The constant struggles
Of the constant struggling:
A constant struggle.

Giant litre flasks
Full of noxious alcohols
Pickling the world.

Daily Haiku – 08.11.2013

I have heaps of time
To waste at the last minute
Doing the wrong things.

The time that I sneezed
My whole brain out of my face
Did help my headache.

All these massive gaps
Between all of our atoms
Make us giant sieves.

Gaffer tape the world
To stop it falling apart
Well… It’s worth a try.

Diligently check
All the corners of the house
To find escape routes.

Then he starts crying.
He can’t stop and dries to sand.
(How we get beaches.)