Daily Haiku – 14.11.2013

I spend my summers
Wishing misfortune on you.
You know what you did.

All this rotting flesh
Piling up in a mountain
I’m saving for lunch.

My favourite spice
Is broken glass thrown into
The eyes of my foes.

The haunted dance school
Creaks with its ghostly rhythms
And rotting students.

Paul Pencil-sucker
Wasn’t allowed on air-planes.
Due to all the lead.


One thought on “Daily Haiku – 14.11.2013

  1. Yo Uther, You should write a play about conservation, we’ve got a new mayor promising shit loads, and what’s the likelihood it’s gonna be crap, plus how good would be a play in our reserves we’re you’re not allowed to stay without permission. that’s got to be tempting for a theatre audience. Otari Is beautiful right now.

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