Daily Haiku – 12.05.2013

Drink a pint of piss
And you’ll urinate water.
I’ll show you later.

A room full of kids
All screaming their faces off
‘Til their heads were blank.

“Please! Don’t look at me!”
Cried the Invisible Man.
(This normally worked.)

Dan bit out his teeth
Then swallowed both of his cheeks
And spat out his gums.

Life as a dancer
Requires no skill at all.
You just shake a lot.

Jo liked to model.
She loved to make up poses
And she had no bones.

I’m quite embarrassed
By what it is you’re wearing.
Blood just isn’t for you.

Two women braiding
Raw pastry into their hair
For later baking.

I woke and found out
I was a mass murderer.
A bit of a shock.

For this Mother’s Day,
Let’s get them all machine guns
And send them to war.


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