Daily Haiku – 23.04.2013

With her ugly knees
Janine never could wear shorts
For fear of staring.

Ethan’s scabby knees
Kept him always in long shirts
Even in the bath.

One hot afternoon
Ethan and Janine were queueing
At the same bus stop.

Ethan’s scabs sweated.
Janine’s knees wrinkled with stress.
Their eyes slowly met.

As the bus arrived
Janine stuttered her name.
Ethan couldn’t hear.

Ethan cupped his hand
And asked her to “Say again?”
Janine fell silent.

His hand to his ear
His sleeve dropped a quarter inch.
Janine glimpsed the scabs.

Too late he noticed.
Covering his wrist Ethan saw
Janine turn her back.

Bus in the distance
Ethan cursed his too loose shirt.
Should be used to this.

Alone on the bus
Janine thanked her lucky stars
Her knees had kept quiet.

Ethan and Janine
Soulmates kept apart by shirt
Never met again.

(Pretty sure this is the same Janine from a few days ago. She has a pretty hard life.)


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